We are disrupting digital security

Hadrian's agentless proactive security platform is built by a team of expert hackers. We use new cloud-native technology and machine learning to report vulnerabilities in companies' defence systems before attackers can exploit them.


Our values

At Hadrian, we pride ourselves on having a team of individuals from different countries, backgrounds and experiences. Our values bring us together as a driving force that motivates and excites us daily.



We believe in "working backward" – letting the customer's needs define and guide our efforts. We do this by learning from the customer on a day-to-day basis and delighting them through the whole journey.



We value a culture that celebrates taking ownership both on individual and team levels. We do this by being proactive, taking responsibility for problems, and staying committed to achieving our milestones.



We strive to maintain a balance between appreciating efforts and celebrating outcomes. We collaborate well together by first seeking to understand the other point of view.



We believe increasing velocity is critical for our success. We ruthlessly eliminate in progress, lean into making decisions without perfect information and let go when something is good enough.



We know that we must grow with the company. We invest in ourselves and each other in order to continue to expand. When it comes to our work, we build with adaptability in mind.


How we work

We strive to create a work environment where everyone feels supported to grow, connect and have impact. Our work is creative, collaborative, bold and above all fun.

Independence and trust are paramount

An autonomous spirit is a vital part of life at Hadrian. From choosing how and where to work to deciding on the approach and tools to use - you’re encouraged to take charge of your workflow. It is essential that Hadrian's structure allows people to be themselves and encourages individual creativity.


Boldness and innovation are celebrated

We encourage our team to experiment, take risks and innovate to find new ways of pushing the limits of technology and achieving our goals. We are not afraid to gather inspiration from other fields and use the first principles to start discussions and create iterations.

Benefits at Hadrian

Unlimited holiday

Never worry about counting days off again, if you need a holiday - it's yours to take.

Personal rental bike

Get your own Swapfiets to take home for commuting and personal use.

Joyful team activities

Our team bonding exercises have included boat rides in the Amsterdam canals, parties, and more.

Mobile phone stipend

A mobile phone stipend to make remote work accessible to everyone.

Options packages

We believe you should be fairly rewarded for your contribution to Hadrian so we include stock options in your benefits package.

Access to top equipment

Have high end equipment at your fingertips to better solve digital security's biggest problems.

Work-from-home budget

A dedicated budget for ensuring you have all the tools you need to effectively work-from-home.

Commute allowance

Making it easier for even our remotest workers to experience office life.

Find out why our team rate us 4.8/5 to work for

We encourage our staff to share their experience online, check out all our reviews on Glassdoor.

Glassdoor Review

"Good pay, great amenities, regular company events, great working gear and amenities - Disruptive vision of the cybersecurity market, that makes you feel like you are part of an exciting and innovative project with high stakes - High level of talent across the organization, from a business side and a technical side."

Glassdoor Review

"Tech stack provides a unique edge over the competition. Teams are highly autonomous and the organizational structure is flat, allowing for fast decision-making. So far hiring strategy worked out, leading to top talent in cyber and tech being attracted. Colleagues are generally highly skilled and enjoyable"

Glassdoor Review

"Community. Incredible group of individuals partnered to make the internet a safer place, a mission with great meaning. A challenging environment with an opportunity to grow and develop. Cool and fun culture with an amazing remote first approach."