Risk prioritization

Leverage external perspective to know your greatest risks

Security insights discovered in the earlier phases undergo interpretation and risk categorization from a hacker’s perspective. This is key to helping security teams understand what is critical and needs immediate remediation.

Why is the outside-in perspective crucial to Risk Prioritization?

Why is the outside-in perspective crucial to Risk Prioritization?

Limited by having an 'insider' viewpoint, internal security teams are often unaware of those exploits that a cybercriminal is most likely to target. As a result, critical security flaws may not be prioritized correctly and resolved in time. This can lead to the exploitation of vulnerabilities that could have been prevented.

Hadrian helps security teams prioritize their long backlogs with an outside-in perspective. It allows defense teams to get inside the mind of the cybercriminals trying to breach their system. By assigning risk scores to the vulnerabilities from a hacker's perspective, security teams know what needs immediate remediation.

Risk prioritization

Know what truly matters

Outside-in perspective

Although, ‘insiders’ will find more vulnerabilities and risk exposures in the infrastructure than the ‘outsiders', it is the ‘outsiders’ who identify which risks are truly significant. The 'outsider' perspective is integral to risk management as their external perspective is closer to that of the cybercriminals. Due to the incorporation of the hacker’s perspective into Hadrian’s interpretation and risk analysis, security teams can shift their efforts to what needs immediate remediation and drastically improve their company’s security posture.

Risk-underwriting models

Risk-underwriting models allow Hadrian to sort vulnerabilities in a meaningful way. When assigning risk scores to each digital asset, Hadrian goes deeper: it takes into account an asset’s context as well as its contents. That way, Hadrian can estimate how an asset's exposure affects the overall security posture more accurately.

Intelligent risk interpretation

Our machine-learning algorithms interpret the technical warnings we discover and alert us to the critical digital risks. Confirmed results are fed back into ML models which generate new modules ensuring reduction of false-positives. Hadrian’s commitment to constant improvement allows permutations of possible risk-chains to grow exponentially.

Interactive client feedback loops

Hadrian’s user-friendly interface allows digital security teams to easily create prioritized lists of assets and seamlessly integrate their results into existing workflows.

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