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Hadrian continuously maps assets, discovers risks, and prioritizes remediation for security teams to harden their external attack surfaces.

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External attack surface an enterprise is unaware of


Organisations that had at least one data breach in 2022


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Unfilled security roles in 2021

Modern cyber criminals require automated solutions

As threat actors increasingly use scanning techniques to make the internet a smaller place and gain unauthorized access to systems, you need to find exposed assets and associated risks in real-time.

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“The US government’s cyber defense agency is recommending for the first time that companies embrace automated continuous testing to protect against longstanding online threats.”

by Katrina Manson, 2022 - Read article


The automated hacker that runs 365.25 days of the year

Hadrian's event-driven technology informs you of any exposure changes as they occur, and prioritizes risks from the hacker's perspective.



More than discovery

Hadrian understands how assets are connected and how changes in one affect another.



More than vulnerabilities

Misconfigurations, exposed secrets, and permissions also affect your security posture.



More than validation

Hadrian combines context with exposure, allowing you to focus on remediation.


Focus on what matters and make your attack surface more secure

With asset maps, deep search, prioritized risks, and instant notifications, Hadrian enables you to make remediation decisions quickly.



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