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How SHV Energy improved operational efficiency with Hadrian’s continuous threat exposure management

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Deployment of IoT, cloud infrastructure, and operational technology like ICs, PLCs, and SCADA created manual asset management and risk mitigation practices for SHV Energy.

SHV Energy’s Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) resulted in an additional workload for security teams by adding to the number of new assets that must be managed.

SHV Energy's security teams were burdened with an extensive number of daily manual security checks and routines, which impeded team productivity and made it difficult to focus their efforts on important projects.


Hadrian scans the internet and processes 1.1Tb of data daily to continuously discover new and changing digital assets in SHV Energy’s external attack surface. 

Hadrian’s Orchestrator AI prioritizes the risks based on the likelihood of exploitation and potential impact, with each risk report including step-by-step instructions to remediate the vulnerability.

Hadrian streamlines the entire exposure management lifecycle and automates a substantial portion of SHV Energy’s time-consuming tasks.

Hadrian's actionable insights empower SHV Energy to harmonize its security measures with overarching business goals, ensuring ongoing improvement plans.


About SHV Energy

SHV Energy is a leading global distributor of off-grid energy in the area of sustainable fuels and renewable energy solutions.

Operating in more than 25 countries on 4 continents, SHV Energy's security teams sought to automate their workflows to maintain a robust security posture with optimal resource utilization.





“The security domain is saturated with tools that claim to secure your organization. It's not often that you find a tool that hones in on the risks that truly matter – the risks that could actually lead to a security incident.”

Mahdi Abdulrazak - SHV Energy Group Information Security & Risk Officer

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Increasing visibility of the external attack surface

SHV Energy can instantly gain full visibility of all externally-facing assets and exposure at the click of a button, removing blind spots. Hadrian’s continuous asset discovery keeps SHV Energy informed of changes in its environment that are resulting from new technology deployment, the moment they occur. 

Additionally, SHV Energy can quickly identify risks in external-facing and newly discovered assets during M&A. Built in the cloud, Hadrian’s Orchestrator AI provides 24x7x365 insights into external-facing risks, a capability that otherwise would require multiple teams of security analysts working around the clock. With a complete picture of SHV Energy’s assets, Hadrian searches for misconfigurations, exposed secrets, permissions, and vulnerabilities.

40 hours saved per week

on average by SHV Energy’s internal security staff – which is equivalent to an entire workweek of a security professional. The time saved allows them to achieve greater accuracy by minimizing errors in their work and facilitate a more holistic security approach.

Automating workflows to improve operational efficiency

Architected with speed and simplicity in mind, Hadrian provides straightforward instructions to reduce risk. Automating complex and time-consuming tasks enables SHV Energy to remediate more risks without hiring additional personnel. Hadrian’s decision-based probes are powered by 24x7x365 risk insights and vulnerability validation, allowing the Orchestrator AI to eliminate and detect false positives.

When security teams mark a risk as resolved, Hadrian automatically retests and validates that the risks have been resolved. The results of Hadrian’s investigations are available for SHV Energy to access via the user-friendly portal and through integrations with third-party tools. These workflows save SHV Energy’s security team time doing research, validating risks, and help them refocus their efforts on the most important tasks. 

The long-term value of Hadrian’s added insights

Hadrian’s remediation instructions help to mitigate wider business risks in various contexts, reduce risk during M&A, and facilitate better alignment between security and business goals for SHV Energy. Hadrian’s risk report and user-friendly portal also contribute to building a data-driven risk management strategy. In tandem, more streamlined security processes result in better task management and collaboration with other departments for SHV Energy’s internal security staff.


“Hadrian’s fully autonomous AI-based hacking system represents the future of how security should be.”

Mahdi Abdulrazak - SHV Energy Group Information Security & Risk Officer