Cloud Misconfigurations

Prevent Breaches With Comprehensive Cloud Monitoring 

Hadrian continuously scans, detects, and remediates misconfigurations and other threats to multi-cloud infrastructure.


Automated Cyberattacks

Cybercriminals increasingly automate their techniques to scale the reach of their attacks against exposed cloud assets. Misconfigurations in cloud deployments are one of the most common entry points for these attacks.

Real-Time Monitoring

The dynamic nature of cloud-based digital assets means that new risks can emerge at any time, and constant vigilance is needed to monitor for misconfigurations across every cloud environment.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Traditional security solutions often fail to consider the interconnected nature of digital assets. A vulnerability in one system can have ripple effects, weakening the overall security posture of an organization.


Automated Risk Detection

Hadrian's event-driven platform continuously monitors for exposure changes in real time.

Hadrian goes beyond scanning for known vulnerabilities by also detecting cloud misconfigurations and exposed secrets. Any exploitable risk is rapidly identified, leading to quicker remediation and strengthening of cybersecurity posture.

1. Risk - Cloud detail
1. Attack surface

Comprehensive Cloud Visibility

Hadrian provides visibility and insight into even the most complex multi-cloud environment. 

Hadrian's probes can scan a diverse range of applications and infrastructure to provide comprehensive visibility. The platform builds a holistic view of cloud assets revealing how they are interconnected.

Intelligent Remediation

Hadrian's platform prioritizes risks based on business impact and likelihood of exploitation, enabling security teams to concentrate their efforts where it matters most.

Beyond just discovering misconfigurations, Hadrian provides actionable recommendations for remediation. Once actioned, the platform automatically reassesses the risk to verify that remediation was successful.

3. Risk - Cloud remediation

Key Features

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Real-Time Monitoring

Hadrian's event-driven technology provides real-time exposure monitoring, offering instant alerts about security changes and potential threats.

Comprehensive Scanning

Deep search capabilities facilitate efficient and thorough examination of digital assets, uncovering hidden risks and vulnerabilities.

Risk Prioritization

The platform’s risk prioritization feature directs security efforts where they're needed most, ensuring efficient and effective remediation strategies.

Dashboard Insights

The intuitive dashboard presents a comprehensive overview of exposure levels, providing actionable insights for informed security decisions.

Asset Graph

The intuitive dashboard presents a comprehensive overview of exposure levels, providing actionable insights for informed security decisions.

Asset Inventory

With the extensive Asset Inventory, organizations can easily understand their digital assets in-depth, bolstering their ability to secure their infrastructure.

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