DNS Monitoring

Strengthen and Protect DNS Infrastructure

Hadrian secures your digital landscape by delivering a comprehensive DNS protection solution. Proactively secure subdomains from hijacking attempts and ensure that your business operations are uninterrupted.

DNS Monitoring


Brand Damage

An unclaimed or loosely managed subdomain can be an entry point for threat actors. Attacks can lead to potential brand damage, loss of customer trust, and data breaches. For example, an attacker might use your subdomain to steal authentication cookies.

Ineffective Monitoring

The sheer number of subdomains and the dynamic nature of DNS infrastructure makes it challenging to monitor. Subdomains can easily go unchecked, leaving them vulnerable to takeover attempts and infrastructure compromise.

Phishing Attacks

Hadrian's DNS protection solution actively scans and secures your subdomains, preventing potential phishing attacks. By ensuring all your subdomains are secured, we effectively eliminate the risk of your users landing on malicious phishing sites.


Continuous DNS Monitoring

Hadrian prevents brand damage by monitoring for subdomain vulnerabilities that could be used in a takeover.

The platform continuously scans your DNS infrastructure to identify risks the moment they emerge. Prompt alerts enable proactive remediation to take place, preventing subdomain takeover attempts. 

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Subdomain Scanning

Hadrian actively scans for exposed subdomains that could be exploited by threat actors to conduct phishing attacks.

Real-time scanning ensures that pre-emptive action can be taken to secure subdomains before an attack occurs. Fast remediation eliminates the risk that customers, employees and partners land on malicious phishing sites.

Key Features

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Proactive Protection

Hadrian provides a robust DNS protection solution that proactively identifies and secures potential vulnerabilities in your subdomains. The platform regularly scans your DNS infrastructure, preventing subdomain takeover attempts.

Simplified Cloud Integrations

Hadrian simplifies the integration with your cloud environments. The solution allows you to easily connect and export DNS records from cloud platforms, ensuring consistent DNS management and security across all environments.

Continuous Scanning

Hadrian scans your DNS infrastructure to discover exposed subdomains that could be hijacked by a threat actor for phishing.

Real-Time Alerts

Hadrian’s real-time alerts inform you of any vulnerable DNS infrastructure, enabling swift action to prevent attacks.

Dashboard Insights

The intuitive dashboard presents a comprehensive overview of exposure levels, providing actionable insights for informed security decisions.

Seamless Deployment

Agentless and built in the cloud, Hadrian is deployed in minutes and into a technology stack with 100s of prebuilt integrations.

Get started with Hadrian

We only need your domain for our system to get started autonomously scanning your attack surface.

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