The automated hacker that runs 365.25 days of the year

Hadrian's event-driven technology provides you with any exposure changes as they occur and prioritizes risks from the hacker's perspective.

Our modular, event-driven platform mimics cybercriminals

Hadrian’s architecture allows for truly continuous security monitoring and testing. ML-generated chains combine attack modules to simulate complex exploits.

No agents or credentials

Hadrian’s onboarding process is agentless and requires no privileged access. This means Hadrian begins delivering insights as soon as an organization provides just their top level domain.

Minimizes setup time and provides insights in minutes

Shows you an attacker's perspective from the outside

Event-driven architecture

Specific discovery and attack modules are called in response to specific changes in your environment. An event as small as a DNS entry change automatically triggers tests and probes that verify no new critical risks were created.

Provides continuous security assessment that sees everything

Minimizes intrusion into your organization's network

Improves constantly with new modules covering new exploits

Superpowered by ML

Built for machine learning, Hadrian’s event-based framework continually improves by using data from past discovery and reconnaissance. Hadrian determines the best course of action for which assets to test and how to test them.

Asset Discovery

Advanced neural networks find hidden online assets.

Asset Classification

Natural Language Models (GPT etc) assess asset properties.

Creative Exploits

Extensive pre-training and context make creative exploits.

Few-Shot Learning

Hadrians ML models learn to mimic our world-class hackers.


Focus on what matters and make your network more secure

With asset maps, deep search, prioritized risks, and instant notifications, Hadrian enables you to make remediation decisions quickly.

Get started with Hadrian

We only need your domain for our system to get started autonomously scanning your attack surface.

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