Automated Penetration Testing

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Hadrian enhances cybersecurity with automated penetration testing, emulating hackers for comprehensive security validation using its event-based AI.

Automated Penetration Testing


Gaps Between Assessments

Many organizations struggle to conduct rigorous penetration testing regularly and instead rely on annual assessments. This gap creates an opportunity for cybercriminals to find and exploit vulnerabilities.

Intrusive Testing Procedures

Regular penetration testing can be intrusive and disruptive for an organization's daily operations. Testing often has to be conducted outside of business hours to prevent any impact on business operations.

Validating Remediation

Confirming that security risks have been successfully remediated using manual penetration testing methods is time-consuming. Organizations can spend hours just validating their work.


Bridging Assessment Gaps

Hadrian enables security teams to proactively remediate risks before they build up and create compliance risks.

Hadrian’s platform continuously carries out risk assessments, validating their results and alerting the security team when remediation is required. Hadrian’s platform validates discovered risks and immediately alerts the security team when remediation is required.

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Non-Disruptive Testing

Hadrian's silent testing ensures that the automated penetration testing is non-disruptive to the daily operations of the organization.

Built to minimize interruption, Hadrian's scans are carried out continuously without the need to schedule out-of-hours testing.  Security teams can focus on their core functions without worrying about disruptions caused by the checks.

Validating Security Posture

Hadrian's solution automatically validates that risks have successfully been resolved.

Reassessing risks enables security teams to confirm that threats are no longer present and move on to the next task. As teams remediate the risks, Hadrian dynamically updates the security level score of the organization.

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Key Features

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Continuous Scanning

Real-time discovery of sensitive information and credentials in a wide variety of formates and file types.

Non-Disruptive Approach

The silent testing feature ensures seamless and non-disruptive testing, ensuring continuous security checks without interfering with an organization's operational processes.

Event-Based Architecture

Utilizing an event-based infrastructure, Hadrian offers thorough security validation through cross-asset testing, allowing for comprehensive coverage of all system components.

Risk Verification

Hadrian’s Orchestrator AI verifies whether weaknesses could be exploited by an attacker, removing false positives.

Operational Integrity

Scan and secure your organization without disrupting business operations with Hadrian's non-intrusive security assessment.

Risk Prioritization

Hadrian integrates asset context and threat intelligence to prioritize risks based on potential impact, enabling efficient and effective workflows.

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