Continuous Asset Discovery

Gain Complete Visibility of External-Facing Assets

Reduce the risk of a breach caused by an exposed asset on your attack surface. Hadrian continuously discovers and inventories internet-facing assets to provide comprehensive visibility.


Monitoring Dynamic Environments

It is increasingly challenging to detect and manage attack surfaces due to the rapid pace of digital transformation, cloud migration, and software development.

Missing Asset Context

Incomplete asset databases leave security teams unaware of essential information such as asset software and version, network topology, and host OS platform.

Undiscovered Attack Vectors

Poorly and unmanaged internet-facing assets are a target for attacks. Limited visibility of your attack surface can result in risks going unmitigated.


Monitor in Real Time

Hadrian enables you to accurately monitor your internet-facing assets in real time. The entire internet is scanned to comprehensively map your attack surface, including domains, subdomains, IP ranges, and more. 

Hadrian's platform continuously scans for new assets and modified configurations to existing ones, notifying your teams of any changes.

1. Attack surface
2. Domains and IPs

Understand Asset Context

Hadrian's machine learning platform fingerprints assets to create a complete asset inventory including in-depth configuration and connections information.

Easily manage assets using a wide range of filter and search options. Add context by assigning custom tags to indicate Crown Jewels, asset owners, and production or dev environments.

Discover Unmitigated Threats

Hadrian continuously assesses your attack surface to identify attack vectors. For increased visibility platform's AI engine considers the relationship between assets like a real-world hacker.

Event-based probes keep you informed of new risks the moment your attack surface changes. Utilize the findings to improve your vulnerability management processes.

3. Attack surface - Risks

Key Features

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Continuous scanning

Hadrian processes 1.1Tb of data daily to discover new and changing assets anywhere at anytime regardless of technology.

3rd party risk monitoring

Scanners monitor the software supply chain for over 10,000 3rd party SaaS applications, 1,000s of different software packages and versions.

Asset fingerprinting

Hadrian discovers context by fingerprinting OS information, modules, libraries, input fields, authentication methods and much more

Asset Graph and Inventory

Hadrian's Graph visualizes the attack surface to improve contextualization and investigation. The inventory makes it easy to filter and search

Exceptional ease of use

Human-first design principles enable Hadrian to be easily used by CISO, SOC, compliance teams and DevOps.

Seamless deployment

Agentless and built in the cloud, Hadrian deploys in minutes and integrates into any technology stack with 100s of prebuilt integrations.

Get started with Hadrian

We only need your domain for our system to get started autonomously scanning your attack surface.

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