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Empowering Crédit Agricole Indosuez's Cyber Resilience: A DORA-Compliant Journey towards Proactive Threat Management

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Asset Inventory: Identifying and securing digital assets after mergers and acquisitions is necessary to reduce the attack surface and vulnerabilities.

Manual Processes: Workflows for security tasks and updating outdated systems are performed manually, with automation they can operate with more efficiency and agility.

DORA Compliance: Meeting the stringent Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) requirements to fortify digital resilience and uphold regulatory standards.


Asset Inventory Enhancement: Accelerate post-merger asset identification and security with Hadrian's advanced scanning capabilities.

Automated Risk Management: Prioritize and validate risks efficiently, eliminating false positives and amplifying the impact of existing security measures.

Intuitive Dashboard: Leverage Hadrian's user-friendly dashboard for swift, informed decisions and streamlined security operations.

Regulatory Alignment: Seamlessly align with DORA requirements, bolstering overall security and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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As a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank, CA Indosuez Wealth Management operates in 10 global locations, offering a wide range of expertise to deliver value to clients. Their goal is to assist clients while adhering to regulations, aiming to be their preferred Wealth Management Bank.





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Boosted Productivity and Strengthened Risk Mitigation

Facing challenges with incomplete asset visibility and labor-intensive manual security routines, CA Indosuez found a robust solution in Hadrian's offerings.
The implementation of Hadrian's solution significantly reduced the time required for risk detection and remediation, thereby streamlining security operations and enhancing team productivity. The user-friendly and informative interface of Hadrian's dashboard was commended by CA Indosuez' CISO for its substantial contribution to the overall positive user experience.

Hadrian's capability for continuous asset discovery not only effectively identified risks arising from M&A activities but also seamlessly aligned with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) requirements, ensuring regulatory compliance. This approach not only led to cost savings but also offered a more holistic security strategy, significantly reducing the organization's overall risk exposure.


Impact on Operational Practices

Hadrian's solution transcended addressing immediate challenges to fundamentally transforming how CA Indosuez approaches cybersecurity. The notable reduction in false positives resulted in heightened efficiency, enabling the security team to concentrate on pivotal issues.

The considerable reduction in time-to-detection (TTD) and time-to-remediation (TTR) saved resources and aligned CA Indosuez' Exposure Management Program with industry best practices. The company transitioned its security strategy from reactive to proactive. By embracing real-time Exposure Management and offensive security practices, CA Indosuez now preemptively identifies and neutralizes cyber threats, ensuring a formidable defense against emerging challenges.

This strategic shift equips their security teams with the capability to stay a step ahead of threat actors and enhances their overall cyber resilience. The effortless integration of Hadrian's solution, characterized by its simplicity and swift results, demonstrated its effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

Ensuring DORA Compliance

CA Indosuez’ dedication to regulatory compliance, particularly in adhering to the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), was significantly reinforced by Hadrian's cybersecurity solution.

The flawless integration with DORA requirements ensured not only compliance but also fostered a proactive cybersecurity stance within the financial institution. Hadrian's capabilities for continuous asset discovery and risk identification, which are fundamental to DORA's principles, enabled CA Indosuez to stay abreast of the evolving regulatory environment. By incorporating DORA considerations into its cybersecurity strategy, the organization went beyond meeting mandated standards to strengthening its security posture against emerging threats.

This strategic alignment secured CA Indosuez’ position as a forward-looking player in the financial sector, reflecting the adaptability and foresight inherent in Hadrian's cybersecurity solution.


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