3rd Party Risk Monitoring

Defeat attacks targeting your software supply chain

Hadrian continuously assesses 3rd party applications for risks that could result in a data breach of your critical data.


Forgotten Applications

When third-party software vulnerabilities are discovered, without an updated and accurate inventory list organizations struggle to confirm whether they are deployed in their environment.

Responding to Zero-Days

New zero-days are often specific to certain vulnerable software versions or configurations. Minimizing the time spent verifying the software deployed is critical to prevent attacks.

Verifying Remediation

Organizations must ensure that risks to their 3rd party applications have been successfully completed. Overlooking an application or a threat could lead to a breach.


Uncover All Third Party Applications

Hadrian's probes can identify over 10,000 SaaS applications and 1,000s of software packages and versions to identify every application.

Hadrian continuously scans the internet to discover your assets. The probes inspect the technology, versions and configurations, to identify potential threats to your security.

1. Technologies
1. Verified risks

Remediate Zero-Day Threats

Hadrian identifies zero-day threats and immediately prioritizes them for remediation.

Hadrian’s in-house Hacker team develops exploit detection modules to identify new software supply chain threats. The platform verifies that risks are exploitable and shares the most effective remediation steps.

Verify Your Posture

Hadrian reveals the posture of your organization and the impact of a 3rd party software compromise. 

Reassessing risks enables security teams to confirm that threats are no longer present and move on to the next task. As teams remediate the risks, Hadrian dynamically updates the security level score of the organization.

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Key Features

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Continuous Scanning

Real-time discovery of new and changing 3rd party applications in your attack surface to identify potential threats.

Complete Visibility

Comprehensive visibility with detection for over 10,000 SaaS applications and 1,000s of software packages and versions.

Zero-Day Detection

New detection modules are constantly developed to identify any emerging threat by the in-house Hacker team.

Risk Verification

Hadrian’s Orchestrator AI verifies whether weaknesses could be exploited by an attacker, removing false positives.

Operational Integrity

Safeguard your operational continuity with Hadrian's non-intrusive security assessment, preventing disruptions while enhancing security.

Risk Prioritization

Hadrian integrates asset context and threat intelligence to prioritize risks based on potential impact, enabling efficiency and effectiveness of your workflow.

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