Secure Data of Your Customers with External Attack Surface Monitoring

Hadrian offers cutting-edge External Attack Surface Monitoring, empowering e-commerce companies to proactively secure their digital assets by continuously identifying potential vulnerabilities.


Unmonitored Subdomains

E-commerce companies may overlook subdomains used for testing during development, providing an entry point for attackers to compromise sensitive customer data.

Exposure of Sensitive APIs

Exposed APIs without proper monitoring can lead to data leaks or unauthorized access to critical functionalities, endangering customer information and business operations.

Unpatched Software Vulnerabilities

E-commerce platforms often use Content Management Systems (CMS) susceptible to exploits if not kept up-to-date, risking customer data breaches and website defacement.


Comprehensive Attack Surface Monitoring

Hadrian comprehensively scans and analyzes the entire attack surface of e-commerce companies, ensuring no subdomains or assets are left unmonitored.

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API Endpoint Discovery

Hadrian uncovers risks without disrupting business operations. Risks are found silently with the passive risk probes, keeping operations smooth and security tight. For complete visibility, Hadrian provides granular insight by quantifying risk on a per device level.

Focus on Exploitable Risks

Hadrian performs targeted tests and leverages threat intelligence to identify which vulnerabilities are exploitable and eliminate false positives that are common in traditional scanners. This built-in prioritization ensures high-impact vulnerabilities are remediated on time.

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