Compliance Reporting Automation

Monitor Compliance With Automated Reporting

Hadrian automates reporting, providing consistent and accurate insights. The on-demand reports can be easily exported and shared with stakeholders.

Compliance reporting


Inaccurate Reporting

Manual compliance reporting can lead to inconsistencies due to human error. Reporting mistakes can have serious consequences when communicating risk with stakeholders.

Time-Consuming Analysis

Reporting requires attention to detail. This can take away valuable time from other important business operations and slow down the pace of strategic projects.

Out of Date Information

Traditional compliance reporting methods do not provide real-time updates. This means businesses may not be aware of potential compliance issues until it is too late. 


Easily Communicate Risk

Hadrian delivers reports that are accurate and comprehensible. Confidently share them with executives and board members to keep them informed on the security status of the organization.

Reports can be generated for external stakeholders, such as insurance providers and regulators, to prove that the organization meets their cyber security requirements.

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Detailed Analysis in Seconds

Reporting automation streamlines the reporting process, eliminating manual data analysis.

Hadrian's reporting enables security and compliance teams to focus on implementing changes instead of building reports. Data is contextualized and correlated by Hadrian's AI to create accurate and detailed insights about the assets and risks present within the organization.

On-Demand Reporting

Reports provide full visibility of internet-facing risks at the push of a button.

Hadrian's continuous assessments reveal the real-time configuration and security gaps in an organization. The reports are designed to be human-readable and immediately actionable.

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Key Features

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Unified Dashboard

Hadrian unifies asset discovery, threat intelligence, attack simulation and risk prioritisation all in one place for a seamless workflow.

Alerts & Reports

Stay informed with Hadrian's alerts and reports feature, showing your organization's cybersecurity tools, compliance, and security posture status in one place.

Compliance with Standards

Ensure compliance with standards, regulations, and frameworks with Hadrian's continuous monitoring of your external attack surface.

Custom User Roles

Provide teams with access to the reports, dashboards, and detailed insights they need with custom user roles.

Exceptional Ease of Use

Human-first design principles enable Hadrian to be easily used by CISO, SOC, compliance teams and DevOps.

Seamless Deployment

Agentless and built in the cloud, Hadrian is deployed in minutes and integrated into any technology stack.

Get started with Hadrian

We only need your domain for our system to get started autonomously scanning your attack surface.

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