Safeguard Your Operations from Risk Exposures

Hadrian identifies risks that could disrupt manufacturing operations by providing a comprehensive visibility of the attack surface with zero intrusion. 


OT & IoT visibility

Manufacturing firms are deploying increasing numbers of OT & IoT assets, changing their attack surface and impacting security posture. These technologies are difficult to monitor and often overlooked when assessing risk.

Vulnerability Detection

Identifying vulnerabilities is essential, even a compromised HVAC controller could result in a data center breach. However, automated pentesting is often not possible due to the risk of disruption shutting systems down.

Alert Fatigue

Attacks against manufacturing firms are increasing and any downtime can be extremely costly. With thousands of alerts to review every day, security teams struggle to find the risks that matter and remediate them before a breach occurs.


Comprehensive Asset Identification

Hadrian identifies and catalogs manufacturing firms external IoT and OT assets, ensuring companies gain full visibility of their digital landscape. Hadrian enables real-time asset management by continuously scanning for the emergence of new assets or detecting configuration changes to existing ones.

2. Domains and IPs
1. Verified risks

Passive Threat Assessment

Hadrian uncovers risks without disrupting business operations. Risks are found silently with the passive risk probes, keeping operations smooth and security tight. For complete visibility, Hadrian provides granular insight by quantifying risk on a per device level.

Focus on Exploitable Risks

Hadrian performs targeted tests and leverages threat intelligence to identify which vulnerabilities are exploitable and eliminate false positives that are common in traditional scanners. This built-in prioritization ensures high-impact vulnerabilities are remediated on time.

2. Risk - Credentials

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