External IoT and OT Visibility

Protect Exposed IoT and OT Assets

Hadrian provides comprehensive visibility of external IoT and OT assets. We identify, map, and contextualize your IoT and OT devices, identifying potential attack vectors and strengthening your security posture.


Limited Visibility 

The increasing number of OT & IoT assets can dramatically change your attack surface and severely impact security posture. Often missed by regular ASM tooling, gaining insight into these technologies is difficult.

OT and IoT Integration

Balancing IoT innovation with OT stability can be a challenge. Without visibility, an external IoT sensor could introduce vulnerabilities to an OT network controlling critical infrastructure disrupting operations.

Vulnerability Detection

Identifying vulnerabilities is essential as a compromised HVAC controller could result in a data center breach. Automated pen-testing is often not possible due to the risk of disruption shutting systems down.


Comprehensive Asset Identification

Hadrian identifies and catalogs your external IoT and OT assets, ensuring you have full visibility of your digital landscape.

Hadrian enables real-time asset management by continuously scanning for the emergence of new assets and detecting configuration changes to existing ones. 

1. Attack surface
2. Domain details

Device Function Contextualization

Hadrian analyzes and provides context for each device's role, enabling you to understand their purpose and potential vulnerabilities.

Hadrian’s asset inventory section provides in-depth configuration information and can be easily searched and filtered.

Passive Threat Assessment

With Hadrian, your IoT and OT devices are mapped against known vulnerabilities passively, keeping operations smooth and security tight. For complete visibility, Hadrian provides granular insight by quantifying risk on a per device level.

2. Potential risks

Key Features

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Extensive Asset Discovery

Discover and understand your external IoT and OT assets, ensuring comprehensive protection of your network's perimeter.

Functional Contextualization

Understand the role and operation of each external device for effective risk management with Hadrian’s asset function contextualization.

Non-Intrusive Risk Assessment

Detect vulnerabilities in your external IoT and OT assets without disrupting their operation, using Hadrian's passive risk assessment technology.

Operational Integrity

Scan and secure your organization without disrupting business operations with Hadrian's non-intrusive security assessment.

Informed Risk Mitigation

Use the visibility and context provided by Hadrian to create effective risk mitigation strategies tailored for your IoT and OT environments.

Continuous Monitoring

Stay on top of your external IoT and OT assets' security status with Hadrian's continuous monitoring capability, ensuring immediate detection of potential threats.

Get started with Hadrian

We only need your domain for our system to get started autonomously scanning your attack surface.

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