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Hadrian provides certainty in an economic down turn

In the wake of COVID-19 the forecast for global economic and financial developments has been murky. Compounded by the Russian war in Ukraine and the following sanctions, economic pressure is making corporate resilience a necessity. While companies suffer spending drops, budget cuts and hiring freezes, cybersecurity spending remains critical.

While cybersecurity spending is predicted to stay resilient, many programs may be mistaken as non-critical despite the necessity of effective attack surface management, and security validation to financial resilience. Suffering a data breach can result in devastating financial, legal and reputational ramifications. In the current climate attacks are likely to increase as cyber threat actors thrive on uncertainty, and we have already seen attacks increase by 31% from 2020 to 2021.

The trick is choosing a tool that balances austerity with the necessary insights for continued protection. By using Hadrian you can:

  • Guarantee certainty regarding your digital assets and attack surface

  • Ensure cybersecurity resources are distributed effectively

  • Automate discovery and testing phases, reducing the cost of unnecessary labor

  • Increase SOC efficiency and stop wasting resources chasing down false positives and low critical risks

  • Invest in technology without creating unmonitored attack points

  • Reduce costs associated with identifying and remediating cyberattacks

Hadrian helps to guarantee you certainty regarding your digital risks without requiring you to spend money hiring additional specialized talent.

Providing certainty in the face of ASM expansion

In the face of COVID-19 businesses underwent rapid digitization due to remote working and expansion into the cloud. In fact over 40% of executives still don’t think their security initiatives are keeping up with digital transformation. Expanding attack surfaces present threat actors with low barriers to entry and enable more aggressive attack methods.

Hadrian’s technology not only helps you to keep track of your assets, but maps how these assets link together. Proprietary fingerprinting and reconnaissance technology takes into consideration the context of your digital assets, providing insights on their versions, applications and more. While security temas can’t afford to spend time manually discovering, inventorying, managing and protecting these assets, as an automated platform Hadrian can!

Continuous security validation allows Hadrian real-time insights into your digital assets. Hadrian’s event-driven architecture means any time a change is detected in your attack surface, new targeted tests are run to ensure no new risk has opened or reopened. The result provides an invaluable resource to your defensive teams: certainty.

Ensuring effective distribution of cybersecurity resources

Organizations often employ a plethora of different management tools rather than using a unified ASM strategy. The implementation of threat intelligence sources, asset management systems, cloud security monitoring etc. can stretch even the largest of budgets. As well, the data from these different solutions must be gathered, analyzed and correlated by understaffed security teams. This traditional approach is both capital and labor-intensive.

Hadrian offers all of the once disparate, single-function solutions in on eplatform. Human effort needed to inventory assets and analyze risks is reduced and similar labor-intensive activities are automated. If additional tools are needed to fortify highly vulnerable areas, strategic spending is guided by first-class ASM insights, and real-time data on critical risks.

Automating discovery and testing phases to reduce unnecessary labor

Aggravating the risk of expanding attack surfaces is the face that the cybersecurity workforce is already short-staffed - and priced accordingly. Cybersecurity professionals are tasked with preventing, responding to and mitigating cyber threats 24/7. As growing organizations continuously add cloud instances, apps and platforms, workstations, personal devices and users to their IT infrastructure, their security teams struggle to keep up.

Through a combination of deterministic logic, AI and ML-modules, Hadrian automates discovery and testing phases to reduce unnecessary labor. By automating basic attack paths Hadrian frees up your security teams to focus their energy on more custom attacks that target risks like business logic vulnerabilities. Hadrian’s use of AI and ML means it is constantly learning, and can keep pace with evolving attack strategies so that your teams don’t have to.

Increasing SOC efficiency reduces strains on cyber budget

Even when security teams have access to in depth insights into attack surface risks, constant alerts compounded with understaffing lead to alert fatigue, desensitization to risk, and false positives. Vulnerability management is overwhelming and 60% of SOCs report that their teams waste resources chasing down false positives or low vulnerability risks.

Many security analysts feel that staffing shortages mean minimal time for risk assessment, and one one IBM report indicates that only 43% of respondents feel that their organizations can identify which vulnerabilities are high risk.

Hadrian increases SOC efficiency by providing risk prioritization alongside ASM and autonomous red teaming. By working from the outside-in as an attacker would, Hadrian identifies risks which are truly critical due to their visibility to cyber criminals. In addition, Hadrian works hand-in-hand with security teams to understand their priorities and creates risk underwriting modules which flag highly critical risks accordingly. The result is risk prioritization which seamlessly integrates into existing SOC workflows.

Invest in technology without creating unmonitored attack points

Just as organizations have accelerated their digitalization, they have also become more dependent on third-party technology and open source code. All categories of applications use third-party code libraries to expedite the development process. Any third-party software or library can bring new vulnerabilities and create weaknesses in your organization’s attack surface.

Hadrian’s expert hackers are continuously educated on the latest attack strategies. New findings and attack methods are continuously added to the platform ensuring that no blind spots are left exposed. This way, your organization has a full overview and needed insights to make better-informed decisions regarding newly implemented technology and digital transformation efforts.

Reducing costs associated with cyberattacks

Despite investing resources into various but disparate tools and solutions, organizations often continue to leave blind spots in their attack surfaces, which are easily exploited. A study shows that 68% of organizations have experienced an attack originating from unknown, unmanaged or poorly managed company assets.

Costs associated with successful attacks have reached an all time high. IBM reports that the average cost of a data breach in 2022 is $4.35 million. As attack surfaces expand these blind spots only increase and ASM proves a valuable tool to reducing the overall costs associated with cyber attacks.

A modern ASM solution not only reduces the initial risk of a cyber attack, but also proves to be a valuable investment if a data breach does occur. Security AI and automation which identify and contain intrusions are shown to save organizations up to $3.81 million. And it makes sense. According to the same IBM report, it takes organizations 277 days to contain and remediate a breach. ASM provides security teams with complete and continuous visibility into all of their assets, so locating where an incident occurred can be done quickly and efficiently.


In today’s uncertain financial market cybersecurity needs to be top-of-mind. A successful cyber attack that results in costly data breach doesn’t have only financial repercussions, but also reputational and legal.

Hadrian’s solution is efficient and combines the benefits of security automation and event-driven testing. This allows security teams to achieve continuous attack surface monitoring and mapping of ever-evolving infrastructures.

Maximize your security investments and reduce costs associated with cyber attacks by having complete control over your attack surface.

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