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Hadrian won MT/Sprout Start-up of the Year 2023

We’re thrilled to announce Hadrian is the winner of MT/Sprout Start-up of the Year 2023 – as the most innovative and promising start-up in the Netherlands.

The award honors the most promising and impactful start-ups each year in the Netherlands, bringing the most talented entrepreneurs to the public spotlight. The award is based on the philosophy that “better leaders make a better world” and recognizes the social impact the startup can make.

"It looks like Hadrian are the guys who are going to fix a huge problem for business and society. Hadrian started as white hat hackers and understands technology like no one does,” said the MT/Sprout jury chairman, Philip Bueters.

MT/Sprout prides itself on the ability to identify which companies and entrepreneurs will determine the future of the Netherlands. In receiving the Startup of the Year award, Hadrian is proud to join this exclusive short-list. The award comes hot off the heels of Hadrian’s partnership with ABN AMRO Ventures. The bank is investing millions in Hadrian, supporting our “journey in becoming the leading autonomous offensive security platform.”

Hadrian provides value by detecting, analyzing, and testing cyber risks automatically in real-time, an activity that would otherwise require a department of ten to twenty specialists. To learn more or see the award-winning platform yourself, please get in touch.

Picture of the Hadrian office party celebrating our 1 year anniversary.


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