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Hadrian Security: Two Years of Growth, Innovation, and Customer Obsession

Today marks Hadrian's second anniversary, a time to reflect on our journey and celebrate the achievements we've accomplished. From its inception, Hadrian has evolved into a dynamic organization of nearly 70 professionals spanning 6 countries and 27 nationalities. We are securing over 1 million targets for 200+ businesses, and our company culture continues to drive us forward.  

In the context of our company anniversary, it's fitting to pause and acknowledge the strides we've made in the past year.

Innovating through Customer Obsession

Hadrian's dedication to offensive security innovation has yielded some amazing results for our customers. Our team has introduced several cutting-edge features, such as Asset Context & Tagging, Sensitive File Detection, and our innovative clustered graph. Embracing AI and ML algorithms like image recognition, we've automated many aspects of the red teaming workflow.  Hadrian is now able to run millions of scans per hour without issues.

Discover more about Hadrian's impact across industries like retail and energy through our recent case studies.

Embracing a Collaborative Culture

"Succeed Together" captures our ethos of collaboration and support. This sentiment resonates even in our Slack by our favorite emoji :succeed-together:. Over the past year, we've dedicated time to celebrate our achievements. Our memorable company retreat in Valencia, with beach games and paella cooking, brought our global team closer than ever. This year we look forward to another epic Hadrian Christmas Party!


Innovative company-wide meetings, including Kudos and Concerns sessions, virtual Town Hall Days, Lightning talks, and Ask Me Anything sessions, have fostered open communication and teamwork. 

Unwavering Commitment to Growth

The pursuit of growth stands as a cornerstone of our personal and organizational development. In January 2023, we introduced new values to propel us into our next phase. Our collaboration with ABN Amro as an investor and design partner underscores our dedication to innovation and partnership with industry leaders. We have been recognized by various publications, including Wired and Sifted, and the MT/sprout Start-Up of the Year 2022 award.

Our commercial presence has expanded to 12 conferences, with notable events such as BlackHat in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Our appreciation extends to our exceptional employees, supportive investors, and loyal customers, all instrumental in Hadrian's incredible growth. As we anticipate the year ahead, Hadrian is ready to fortify its European position and expand into America and Asia. With this strong foundation, we confidently pursue our Big Hairy Audacious Goal - securing 1 billion targets by 2028.

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