Assessing Cyber Risks from the Outside In Webinar

On Tuesday, January 16th, we presented an exclusive webinar, "Assessing Cyber Risks from the Outside In," featuring our speakers Prash Somaiya, CTO, and Alex Wells, Head of Product Marketing. 

This session explored the groundbreaking insights revealed in our recent report, "Assessing Cyber Risks from the Outside In - 2023 Report".

Modern security practices no longer wait for an attack to expose vulnerabilities. Shift from reactive to proactive strategy with offensive security by seamlessly integrating continuous, comprehensive measures. Embrace continuous monitoring, enabling the early identification and mitigation of threats before an incident occurs. 

Webinar highlights:

Dive into the secrets of proactive offensive strategies.

Understand the pivotal role of continuous monitoring in threat identification.

Embrace a holistic cybersecurity approach for comprehensive defense.


Alex Wells

Alex Wells

Head of Product Marketing

Prash Somaiya

Prash Somaiya


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