Going beyond Attack Surface Management with the hacker's perspective

Learn how the hacker’s perspective takes attack surface management to the next level to secure your organization's most critical assets.

Experienced security leaders will attest that many organizations lack a comprehensive understanding of their entire IT infrastructure. With the shift towards hybrid and multi-cloud platforms, reliance on third-party software, and the prevalence of remote work, combined with ever-changing threat dynamics, the issue has compounded. 

Recent threat trends have compounded the challenge for security leaders with forgotten, misconfigured and poorly managed assets increasingly being exploited. Securing the attack surface has become unavoidable.

Through the eyes of a hacker, it's not just about identifying hidden assets; it's about finding the paths of least resistance, to find critical points of exposure that attackers can most easily exploit. Join the webinar to learn:

What hackers know about your attack surface

How to predict which targets will be attacked

Ways to augment your existing remediation workflow


Alex Wells

Alex Wells

Head of Product Marketing

Osama Sawadi

Osama Sawadi

Commercial Lead

Our Head of Product Marketing, Alex Wells, and our Commercial Lead, Osama Sawadi will share valuable insights into the evolving tactics of threat actors and how organizations can strengthen their cybersecurity posture.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about cutting-edge approaches to protecting your organization's digital assets. Join us for an interactive session and gain valuable knowledge from industry experts at Hadrian.

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