Fireside Chat: The State of Retail Security

Join us for a unique fireside chat featuring Prash Somaiya who brings invaluable insights from his tenure as Director of Security at a leading retail brand.

Offering a unique opportunity for cybersecurity professionals to gain firsthand knowledge and expert advice from a seasoned industry insider.

In this webinar, you will:

Gain insider perspectives on the intricacies of retail websites, setting them apart from the rest.

Learn from a veteran expert's hard-earned experiences, offering practical lessons from their real-world scenarios.

Ask burning questions in an interactive Q&A session and receive expert guidance.


Prash Somaiya

Prash Somaiya


Alex Wells

Alex Wells

Head of Product Marketing

Prash led a globally distributed technical team as Director of Security & Engineering working with a major retail brand, orchestrating some of the largest flash sales worldwide. His expertise also extends to ensuring level 1 PCI-DSS compliance. At HackerOne, Prash collaborated with industry giants like Uber, PayPal, and Sony to identify and mitigate critical risks. Now, at Hadrian, he oversees the development of our cutting-edge threat exposure discovery solution.

Alex has over a decade of cybersecurity experience working with a wide range of technologies from NGFW to SASE, and CTI to CTEM. 

Fireside Chat The State of Retail Security

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