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ABN AMRO Ventures backs Hadrian in its mission to arm enterprises with real-time exposure management from the Hacker’s perspective


AMSTERDAM - Hadrian, a pioneering provider of real-time exposure management and automated security testing, and ABN AMRO Ventures, ABN AMRO’s venture capital investment arm, are incredibly proud to announce today an investment in the company to strengthen their alliance.

During the last decade, digital infrastructures like ABN AMRO’s have been expanding fast and now consist of tens of thousands of digital endpoints. Security teams manage more expansive and complicated architectures, while attacks have become more advanced and frequent. Automation is the only way to reliably and sustainably monitor the full extent of your attack surface for these new threats. Hadrian autonomously maps exposed assets, discovers risks, and prioritizes remediation so that security teams can adapt to these modern challenges, focus on what matters, and proactively manage their exposure.

Rogier Fischer, CEO of Hadrian, says, “From day one, there was a clear match with our product offering and their security challenges. This investment showcases that our product is not in alpha anymore and is delivering value to large enterprises. Together with ABN AMRO Ventures, we will achieve our mission, to deliver real-time exposure management to a billion digital assets, significantly earlier.”

The funding strengthens ABN AMRO's commitment to providing its customers with the highest level of security. The bank is excited about Hadrian’s technology in the next wave of much-needed cybersecurity innovation.

Tiago Teles, Security Lead with ABN AMRO, comments: “What’s exciting about what Hadrian is doing is they solved a seemingly impossible puzzle: finding weaknesses in a complex network with human-like detail, at scale, from the outside and continuously. What usually takes a dedicated team of security engineers a few weeks to figure out for one system, they can do in minutes for thousands of systems. This revolutionalizes the way CISOs of companies with complex IT footprints know where to put their money for a fraction of the cost.”

Hugo Bongers, Managing Director of ABN AMRO Ventures, notes: “Organizations need to look for automation in today’s complex IT landscapes to safeguard customers’ security and prevent hackers from finding and exploiting vulnerabilities. This is why we are thrilled to be partnering with experienced white-hat hackers and support Hadrian’s journey in becoming the leading autonomous offensive security platform.”

About Hadrian

Amsterdam/London-based Hadrian is a cybersecurity startup providing automated security insights through its AI-driven testing SaaS platform. By proactively and continuously scanning and testing companies’ IT infrastructures they provide fast, precise, and holistic insights. Hadrian’s team comprises hackers and developers from over 20 nationalities, dedicated to developing a faster, more accurate, and more scalable solution to automated offensive security.

About ABN AMRO Ventures

ABN AMRO Ventures is ABN AMRO’s corporate venture fund. It invests in technology companies that specialize in the digitalization of financial products, services and infrastructure. With EUR 150 million of assets under management, the fund has invested in over 20 companies including DFNS, Doconomy, Oper, Quantexa, Solaris, and Upvest. Previous investments include BehavioSec (exit 2022), OpenInvest (exit 2021), Penta (exit 2022), Tink (exit 2021), and Trifacta (exit 2022).

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