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Bracing for 2024: Cyber threats for modern manufacturers

Manufacturing, an industry that has long been associated with heavy machinery and manual labor, has been rapidly digitizing. While this digital transformation brings numerous advantages, it also introduces new risks. As cyber threats continue to evolve, manufacturing companies are becoming prime targets. In this blog post, we'll explore the primary cyber threats manufacturing companies face in 2023 and how solutions like those provided by Hadrian can help navigate these challenges.

Increased reliance on IoT devices

With the rise of Industry 4.0, manufacturing companies are integrating more IoT devices into their processes. Microsoft reports that 72% of industrial companies are already implementing IoT strategies. These strategies, while improving efficiency and real-time data analysis, can also serve as entry points for cybercriminals if not properly secured. From sensors on the production line to connected inventory systems, the surface area for potential attacks is growing.

Hadrian’s recommendations: By identifying and cataloging external IoT and OT assets, Hadrian ensures manufacturers gain complete oversight of their digital infrastructure. Real-time monitoring ensures that risks are detected as soon as they emerge, preventing potential disasters before they escalate.

Ransomware attacks targeting critical infrastructure

More than half of manufacturing organizations were hit with ransomware in the last year, according to the new findings from cybersecurity firm Sophos. Ransomware attacks have become more targeted, with attackers realizing the value of halting production lines and demanding ransoms. Manufacturing companies, with their tight schedules and high costs of downtime, are particularly vulnerable. These attacks not only disrupt production but can also lead to the loss of sensitive intellectual property.

Hadrian’s recommendations: Hadrian offers passive risk probes that uncover potential threats without causing any disruption. This silent assessment ensures that operations run smoothly, while potential vulnerabilities are detected and addressed.

Supply chain attacks from weak links

Manufacturers are part of complex supply chains that can span multiple countries and involve numerous entities. Attackers are increasingly targeting smaller, less-secure vendors in the supply chain as an entry point to larger companies. A single vulnerability in one supplier can put an entire production line at risk.

Hadrian’s recommendations: An in-depth inventory that highlights all assets, including their context and interconnections, is vital. By shedding light on every component, including the often-overlooked shadow IT, Hadrian ensures that vulnerabilities at any point in the supply chain are promptly identified and managed.

Espionage and intellectual property theft

In 2021, manufacturing was the second most affected industry by cyber-espionage. The report indicated that 27% of breaches within the manufacturing sector were associated with cyber-espionage, and intellectual property theft was a significant concern. Competing companies or nation-states may attempt to steal blueprints, production methods, or other forms of intellectual property. This can give them a competitive edge or undermine a company's market position. The increasing digitization of these assets makes them more accessible if not properly secured.

Hadrian’s recommendations: Hadrian conducts targeted tests to identify vulnerabilities that are genuinely exploitable. This precision eliminates the clutter of false positives common with traditional scanners, ensuring that high-priority risks are addressed promptly.


The digital age has brought in a new set of challenges for manufacturers. Staying ahead of the curve requires both awareness of emerging threats and the right tools to combat them. Explore Hadrian's tailored solutions to navigate the challenges of the digital era with confidence. Connect with our expert today for a comprehensive consultation.

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