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Revolutionizing offensive security with Generative AI

Security teams are expected to manage multiple tools, sift vast amounts of data, and correctly synthesize and action their findings. With increasing tool fatigue, data overload, and time pressure are often stretched thin and pushed to their limits. What if teams could instantly increase their ranks with a highly qualified security professional?

Vibia AI is Hadrian's new Generative AI assistant, serving as the dedicated offensive security expert that teams have long desired. It is like giving your team 24x7 access to a penetration tester to validate risks, probe threats in your attack surface, and facilitate remediation. This latest innovation is available now for all Hadrian customers and current trial users. 

Vibia AI in action

Built into the Hadrian interface, users can chat with Vibia AI as if they were messaging a colleague through an instant messaging platform. Vibia AI acts as a trusted specialist, helping and guiding security teams to improve organizational security posture.

Here are some of the ways that Vibia AI can assist:

  • Prioritizing activities - Asking for a list of priorities or which assets have the highest severity risk Vibia AI is a simple way of quickly identifying where security teams should focus their efforts.
  • Monitoring activity - Vibia AI can share the details about the latest assets and risks that have been found during autonomous scans. This can help identify unexpected or suspicious activity for further investigation.
  • Managing patches - Users can research the versions of technologies and search for unpatched systems by inquiring about the assets. Vibia AI can also share other configuration information about the assets.
  • Validating risks - Detailed explanations of how Hadrian found risks and how security teams can validate the results and confirm that they are exploitable. Vibia AI can also explain the impact of risk being exploited to help teams.
  • Researching attacks - Vibia AI can explain how a wide range of attacks are conducted, including providing examples and recommendations for how to mitigate them. 
  • Actioning remediation - Emails and ITSM tickets can be drafted in seconds by asking Vibia AI to write summaries on nearly any topic.

Curious to see Vibia AI in action? Watch this video:

How Vibia AI works

Vibia AI powered by OpenAI’s Generative AI. Although Vibia AI stores and processes data on Microsoft Azure servers no customer data is shared.

How to experience Vibia AI

All Hadrian customers and current trial users have access to the open beta of Vibia AI. To witness its transformative capabilities firsthand, we invite you to request a demo with our team of cybersecurity experts. Explore the future of cybersecurity with Hadrian and Vibia AI today.

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