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GigaOm Radar: Hadrian is the only vendor recognized as both a Leader and Outperformer


Figure 1: Hadrian is a Leader & Outperformer in the 2024 GigaOm Attack Surface Management Radar

Hadrian’s rise as a leader in attack surface management

Since Hadrian’s inception, we have set out to reinvent the way organizations manage their cyber threats. For too long organizations have relied on tools and methods that overwhelm security teams and fail to prioritize exposures, resulting in dangerous time lags. 

We believe that the solution is to combine the hacker’s perspective with automated offensive security. This methodology relies on technological advancements – an autonomous AI-driven approach, a continuous monitoring architecture and comprehensive threat detection capabilities. 

The goal was not to fully replace human-powered penetration testing or bug bounty programs, and it is unlikely that humans will ever be cut out all together. Instead, we bridge the gap between point-in-time assessments and provide coverage for assets that would otherwise be out of scope. Out-of-the-box offensive security analytics can drive risk-based vulnerability management, SOC alert triage, DevSecOps testing and many other critical workflows. 

Hadrian’s converged platform conducts continuous attack surface discovery, automates penetration testing, and categorizes findings into true positives and potential exposures. The platform enriches discovered risks with cyber threat intelligence, prioritizes them by severity and triggers remediation, to improve security posture in real time.

GigaOm Radar’s Key Evaluation Criteria

GigaOm’s Radar Report for Attack Surface Management evaluates a number of solutions, assessing them by their key features, emerging technologies, and business criteria. Vendors’ ability to serve different market segments and their deployment models are also taken into account during the evaluation. 

The solution's capabilities are quantized by GigaOm and plotted onto a multidimensional “radar” that indicates vendors’ ability to execute and innovate. The concentric rings indicate overall value, the axis characterizes the solution's capabilities, and the arrows project the solution's evolution over 12 to 18 months.

Hadrian’s Performance in the Radar

Analysis by GigaOm recognizes Hadrian as the only vendor that is both a leader and outperformer in the GigaOm Radar Report for Attack Surface Management. This unique position recognizes Hadrian’s strong present-day value and innovative future roadmap.

Across the key features assessed, Hadrian received a rating of “exceptional” or “superior” in four of the five criteria. 

Additionally, Hadrian’s autonomous penetration testing capability, which is performed by our sophisticated Orchestrator AI, was specifically recognized in the solution evaluation. Chris states “Its autonomous penetration testing capability, powered by the Orchestrator AI, emulates real-world attacker behavior, providing high-fidelity testing without the need for manual intervention.”

Simplify Offensive Security with Hadrian

At Hadrian, we believe that defensive controls should be validated by offensive security. Hadrian provides the hacker perspective, revealing the targets and methods that could be used in a real-world data breach. Hadrian’s continuous and comprehensive testing discovers and validates risks completely autonomously.

If you want to learn more about how we are doing that, download the GigaOm Radar for Attack Surface Management today.

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