Offensive Security. Simplified

In a world where cyber threats are evolving daily, the only way to validate defensive security controls is with continuous and comprehensive offensive security. Hadrian's automated red-teaming platform is designed to provide real-time visibility of a wide range of cyber threats.

Our autonomous system works tirelessly to monitor, test, and secure your attack surface—delivering reliable, real-time visibility and protection against the ever-changing threat landscape.

In this datasheet, you’ll learn:

Autonomous Validation: Experience the prowess of Hadrian’s zero-touch validation that emulates expert penetration testing without the need for manual configuration or intervention.

Continuous Monitoring: Gain unwavering surveillance with Hadrian’s event-based architecture, providing 24/7 real-time visibility of exploitable threats in your attack surface.

Comprehensive Detection: Discover the depth of security with Hadrian's Orchestrator AI, meticulously trained to emulate real-world attacks and identify weaknesses in your security posture.

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