Protecting the Energy Sector from Operational Disruption

With the integration of advanced digital technologies like IoT devices and smart grids, the energy sector confronts an expanding threat landscape. This complexity, coupled with the sector’s dispersed geographical footprint presents a formidable task in maintaining visibility across all digital assets.

Opportunistic threat actors capitalize on these blindspots, resulting in energy companies seeking a better understanding of their attack surface and infrastructure vulnerabilities. In this changing environment, Hadrian ensures protection for your assets amid evolving energy security demands.

What You'll Learn:

Explore cybersecurity challenges specific to the energy sector, including risks in the supply chain and issues with integrating new systems.

Understand the critical elements needed for successful exposure management in the energy sector, like continuous and real-time monitoring and scanning extensive data sets.

Discover how Hadrian plays a pivotal role in delivering unparalleled threat prioritization, ensuring the protection of energy assets in the ever-evolving digital threat landscape.


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