The ROI Guide to Offensive Security

Offensive security strengthens cybersecurity investments by identifying control gaps in organizational defenses. The increasing investment in offensive security aligns with the fact that over 60% of initial access vectors in the first half of 2023 were related to remote access and internet-facing applications.

Traditional methods, such as manual penetration testing, vulnerability scanners, and attack surface management tools, often result in blind spots, produce unactionable results, and require significant resources. The ROI Guide to Offensive Security illustrates the value of a continuous and autonomous platform that ensures comprehensive coverage for delivering enhanced business value.


Why 75.2% of organizations are increasing their offensive security practices in response to increasing levels of unknown risk.

Tips for measuring the quantifiable benefits of a mature offensive security strategy and where to find additional value.

How to benefit most from offensive security and common challenges that organizations encounter with their existing programs.

ROI Guide to Offensive Security

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