Vulnerability Management

Find and eliminate your most impactful vulnerabilities

Hadrian provides a comprehensive, real-time vulnerability management solution, prioritizing exploitable risks for effective remediation and maintaining a robust security posture.


Countless False Positives

False positives lead to resource waste and alert fatigue. A security alert that turns out to be a harmless configuration diverts time and attention from the real, critical vulnerabilities.

Ineffective Prioritization

With an long list of vulnerabilities, it is challenging to know which need to be addressed first. Without an effective prioritization strategy, resources can be wasted on fixing low-risk vulnerabilities while high-risk ones still remain.

Delayed Response

In today's fast-paced digital environment, vulnerabilities can appear and disappear within minutes. If your vulnerability management solution is not continuous, you might miss out on detecting and addressing these short-lived vulnerabilities.


Go Beyond Vulnerabilities

Hadrian's solution provides continuous, always-on asset discovery, helping you find hidden vulnerabilities in your environment.

Hadrian goes beyond just vulnerabilities - our advanced security engine also detects risks like misconfigurations and exposed secrets, providing a more accurate assessment of your security posture.

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Focus on Exploitable Risks

Hadrian event-based architecture performs targeted tests and leverages threat intelligence to identify which vulnerabilities are actually exploitable.

Presenting just exploitable risks, Hadrian eliminates the false positives that are common in traditional scanners. This built-in prioritization ensures high-impact vulnerabilities are quickly remediated.

Never Miss a Risk

Hadrian keeps pace with the fast-changing threat landscape. By continuously scanning your IT environment, Hadrian identifies new vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and exposed secrets the moment they occur.

Hadrian’s coverage extends to all assets in your environment, from traditional IT infrastructure to modern cloud-based resources. Hadrian ensures no potential threat goes unnoticed and is fixed on time.

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Key Features

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Event-Based Technology

Hadrian's event-based technology ensures real-time detection of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and exposed secrets, enabling immediate response.

Searchable Services and Technologies

With Hadrian, you can easily search, filter, and tag your discoverable assets, including services and technologies, for effective exposure management.

Targeted Exploit Testing

Hadrian performs targeted tests based on the assets in your attack surface to identify exploitable vulnerabilities. This focuses your attention on the most critical risks.

Accurate Risk Prioritization

Hadrian integrates asset context and threat intelligence to prioritize risks based on potential impact, enabling effectiveness of the workflow.

Clear Remediation Steps

Clear and actionable remediation steps for each identified vulnerability simplify the remediation process and guarantee effective risk patching.

Remediated Risk Retesting

Once risks are marked as resolved, Hadrian automatically retests them, ensuring successful remediation.

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