Critical Infrastructure

Real-Time Visibility of Your Exposed Assets and Risks

Hadrian monitors external assets along your supply chain in real-time so that risks can be remediated before they are exploited. Empower the entire organization to take action and improve your security posture.


Understanding Legacy Systems

Migrating from legacy systems and outdated technologies is a long challenging process. These systems were not designed with cyber security in mind and can be exploited by threat threat actors that discover them.

Lack of Real-Time Visibility

Timely detection of exposed assets and critical risks is crucial to preventing costly disruptions and ensuring continuous operations. Without visibility, critical infrastructures are left vulnerable to attacks.

Complex Attack Surfaces

New IoT and OT technologies, 3rd party software solutions and more create a complex and constantly changing attack surface. Threat actors scan for exploitable gaps to launch their attacks.

Mobilizing Other Teams

Remediation efforts can require other departments to implement fixes and prioritize patching. Traditionally these departments - IT, operations and engineering - have had a different focus. Cybersecurity measures can be seen as a burden. 


Real-Time Monitoring

Hadrian provides real-time visibility on critical infrastructure components and internet-facing assets. The platform tiggers a new scan every time it observes a change in your attack, keeping you aware of new risks the moment they emerge. Hadrian's continuous scanning algorithms are constantly improved by our AI-engines and in-house hacker team.

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Revealing The Attack Surface

Understand the impact of a risk and how it can propagate through your network. Hadrian’s innovative security engine contextualizes assets that it finds to understand their function and how they are interconnected to focus security teams on the risks that matter most.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

Hadrian streamlines security operations by offering real-time insights into your attack surface and risks at the push of a button. 
Create a step change and boost your security by integrating Hadrian into your existing security program. The broad array of integration options allows any workflows and tools to be augmented in minutes.

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We empower security teams

Hadrian is the industry’s most advanced end-to-end offensive security platform.

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Remove unknowns and find every asset that hackers could target. Continuously monitor for new assets and configuration changes of existing ones that could put the organization at risk with Hadrian’s External Attack Surface Management (EASM) features.

Prioritize better

Focus on the risks most likely to be exploited by hackers and have the greatest business impact. Prevent exposed risks from being exploited using Hadrian’s Continuous Autonomous Red Teaming (CART) capabilities.

Remediate faster

Streamline security workflows with an end-to-end external risk management solution. Reduce risk by replacing cumbersome point solutions with Hadrian’s Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform.

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