Public Sector

Secure the Public Sector Attack Surface

Hadrian enables the public sector to safely navigate the digital sphere without exposing risks to the internet


Digital Transformation

The transition to digital platforms opens up potential vulnerabilities. Cyber threats, such as data breaches or hacking incidents, can compromise sensitive public sector information

Regulatory Compliance 

Meeting data protection regulations can be complex and costly. However, non-compliance can lead to reputational damage and severe financial penalties

Limited Resources

With an long list of vulnerabilities and limited an effective prioritization strategy is needed to prevent resources being wasted on fixing low-risk vulnerabilities while high-risk ones still remain


Protect Digital Platforms

Prevent public sector data breaches by identifying vulnerable internet-facing assets before they are exploited.

Hadrian continuously scans for known vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and exposed sensitive data wherever they are located. Risks are prioritized based on the business impact and likelihood of exploitation.

3. Attack surface - Risks
1. Reporting

Compliance Monitoring

Hadrian provides full visibility of public sector infrastructure components and internet-facing assets in real-time.

The continuous assessments keep security teams informed of configuration changes and security gaps that could indicate that compliance challenges. Reports can be generated on demand for executives and compliance officers at the push of a button.

Complementing Talent

Hadrian's solution automates time-consuming manual tasks, enabling public sector security team to focus on the most important issues.

Hadrian assesses the risk to public sector assets and alerting the security team when remediation is required. Resolved risks are automatically reassessed to verify that remediation was successful.

1. Verified risks

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