Prevent Disruption Due To Cyberattacks

Hadrian assesses your external risk exposure 24x7x365 to keep your organization secure so that you can focus on what matters most.


Rapid Technology Adoption

Adoption of remote monitoring and control systems across energy production facilities implies new vulnerabilities in IoT. Done rapidly, critical security gaps can be overlooked.

Vendor Security Risks 

Increased use of 3rd party vendors and contractors brings new risks. With access to internal systems and sensitive data, new attack vectors are created, requiring a new kind of monitoring.

Lack of Real-Time Visibility

Timely detection of exposed assets is essential for preventing disruption. Without visibility in real-time, energy companies are exposed to automated attacks.

Alert Fatigue

Teams are burdened with dozens of solutions that generate excessive amounts of alerts and data creating alert fatigue. Fatigue reduces responsiveness and allows risks to go unremediated.


Real-Time Monitoring

Hadrian provides real-time visibility of internet-facing energy production and distribution assets. The platform tiggers new scan every time it observes a change in your attack, keeping you aware of new risks the moment they emerge. Hadrian's continuous scanning algorithms are constantly improved by our AI-engines and in-house hacker team.

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Passive Threat Assessment

Hadrian uncovers risks without disrupting business operations. Risks are found silently with the passive risk probes, keeping operations smooth and security tight. For complete visibility, Hadrian provides granular insight by quantifying risk on a per device level.

Focus on Exploitable Risks

Hadrian performs targeted tests and leverages threat intelligence to identify which vulnerabilities are exploitable and eliminate false positives that are common in traditional scanners. This built-in prioritization ensures high-impact vulnerabilities are remediated on time.

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