Financial Sector

Strengthening the Security of Financial Institutions

Hadrian provides comprehensive monitoring of your attack surface to safeguard financial service companies by continuously scanning and analyzing potential vulnerabilities in their digital infrastructure.


Unmonitored Subdomains

Identifying all of the blind spots in cybersecurity defenses can be challenging but it is essential. Attackers can exploit unmonitored subdomains to gain unauthorized access or launch phishing attacks.

Vulnerable Third-Party Integrations

The third-party services and tools integrated into financial companies' technology can expose them to security risks, especially if these integrations include outdated or vulnerable plugins.

Labor Intensive Triage

Risk validation processes to remove false positives is a manual, time-intensive process. It reduces operational efficiency, diverting resources from remediating the risks that matter most.


Comprehensive Attack Surface Monitoring

Hadrian offers a comprehensive platform that continuously monitors your company's entire attack surface, including domains, subdomains, IP ranges, and more.

Hadrian's platform continuously scans for new assets and modified configurations to existing ones, notifying your teams of any changes. 

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3. Integrations

Third-Party Integration Scanning

Hadrian scans and assesses third-party integrations for potential vulnerabilities, ensuring that your financial business is not exposed due to weak links in your supply chain.

Hadrian's probes can identify over 10,000 SaaS applications and 1,000s of software packages and versions to identify every application. The probes inspect the technology, versions and configurations, to identify potential threats to your security.

Risk-Prioritized Insights

Hadrian delivers risk-prioritized insights, cutting through the noise, and allowing your team to focus on critical vulnerabilities, optimizing resource allocation for better security management.

Hadrian's prioritization is based on the likelihood of exploitation and potential business impact. Presenting just exploitable risks, Hadrian eliminates the false positives that are common in traditional scanners.

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We empower security teams

Hadrian is the industry’s most advanced end-to-end offensive security platform.

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Remove unknowns and find every asset that hackers could target. Continuously monitor for new assets and configuration changes of existing ones that could put the organization at risk with Hadrian’s External Attack Surface Management (EASM) features.

Prioritize better

Focus on the risks most likely to be exploited by hackers and have the greatest business impact. Prevent exposed risks from being exploited using Hadrian’s Continuous Autonomous Red Teaming (CART) capabilities.

Remediate faster

Streamline security workflows with an end-to-end external risk management solution. Reduce risk by replacing cumbersome point solutions with Hadrian’s Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform.

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