Sensitive File Discovery

Prevent Confidential Data Exposure 

Hadrian's advanced algorithms meticulously find your internet-exposed sensitive files, mitigating risks while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Data Breach Prevention

Sensitive files, such as backups, are often directly accessible from the internet. As attack surfaces of companies have expanded significantly in the last decade, maintaining visibility of these assets has become increasingly complicated.

Transient Ephemeral Files

Exploitable files containing sensitive information are not always permanent. Temporary data files can surface briefly and then vanish, posing a hidden security risk due to their fleeting exposure.

Leaked Privileged Credentials

Inadvertently leaked login credentials may be embedded in files or code repositories. Threat actors that locate the data can gain unauthorized access to sensitive information or systems.


Advanced File Discovery 

Discover all sensitive files with Hadrian’s holistic file discovery algorithms. 

Hadrian can detect a wide variety of files that can come in different standards and formats. The platform continuously scans for sensitive files so that you can remediate threats before they are exploited.

1. Risk - Backup found
2. Verified risks - Ignored

ML-based Contextualisation

Hadrian accurately distinguishes sensitive data from public data, allowing for targeted prioritization.

False positives are removed using Machine Learning (ML)-based contextualization built into the platform. This enhances the classification process by understanding the context and content of the file.

Real-Time Monitoring

Discovering sensitive files in real-time is crucial as it provides immediate detection of unauthorized access or alterations.

Hadrian's continuous scanning enables a swift response to potential threats, mitigating the risk of data breaches even if the files were ephemeral. 

1. Dashboard - Risks

Key Features

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Continuous Scanning

Real-time discovery of sensitive information and credentials in a wide variety of formates and file types.

Real-Time Alerts

Hadrian’s real-time alerts inform you of any detected credential leaks, enabling swift action to prevent potential misuse.

Comprehensive File Discovery

Holistic algorithms identify and catalog all sensitive files, regardless of their format or standard, providing complete visibility.

Intelligent Prioritization

ML-based contextualization accurately distinguishes sensitive data from public data, enabling efficient prioritization and resource allocation.

Ephemeral File Tracking

Accurate tracking of transient, ephemeral files such as installation files and folders by monitoring their brief lifecycle.

Regulatory & Compliance

Maintain compliance with data protection regulations with active monitoring for GDPR breaches.

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