Leaked Credentials Detection

Keep Your Secrets Secret with Hadrian 

Hadrian prevents unauthorized credential use by detecting credential leakage in source code, GitHub/GitLab environments, and configuration files.


Exposed Configuration Files

Configuration files containing sensitive information can be mistakenly exposed on the internet. For example, a .env file with database credentials might be left publicly accessible on a web server.

Public Repositories

Developers often unintentionally commit sensitive data, including credentials, to public repositories. A common example is a developer inadvertently pushing a commit containing API keys to a public GitHub repository.

Insecure API Endpoints

Insecure API endpoints can leak credentials if they are not properly secured. An attacker could exploit these endpoints to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Configuration File Detection

Hadrian continuously monitors exposed configuration files on web servers for any sensitive data.

The platform alerts you if any credentials are found in these files that could be used to attack your external attack surface. Alerts enable the data to be secured promptly before it is exploited by a threat actor.

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Repository Scanning

Hadrian scans for leaked credentials in public repositories such as GitHub/GitLab.

The platform immediately notifies you when a leak is detected, the platform automatically verifies if the credentials are exploitable, removing false positives. This allows for quick remediation before the credentials or repository can be misused.

Contextual Prioritization

Not all leaks are born equal, and it’s important to differentiate your approach based on the impact of a leak.

Hadrian scores and prioritizes the risk based on the context of the data can help you allocate your resources effectively.  Flexible integration options enable Hadrian to complement any existing remediation workflow.

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Key Features

Configuration File Discovery

Hadrian provides complete visibility with holistic detection algorithms for identifying and cataloging all sensitive files, regardless of their format or standard.

Real-Time Alerts

Hadrian’s real-time alerts inform you of any detected credential leaks, enabling swift action to prevent potential misuse.

Insecure Endpoint Detection

Hadrian identifies insecure API endpoints that could potentially leak credentials, allowing them to be secured before they can be exploited.

Risk Prioritization

Hadrian prioritizes risks based on their potential impact, helping you focus on the most critical issues first. This ensures efficient use of your security resources.

Dashboard Insights

The intuitive dashboard presents a comprehensive overview of exposure levels, providing actionable insights for informed security decisions.

Seamless Deployment

Agentless and built in the cloud, Hadrian is deployed in minutes and into technology stack with 100s of prebuilt integrations

Get started with Hadrian

We only need your domain for our system to get started autonomously scanning your attack surface.

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