Security Operations

Automate and Enhance Security Operations

Hadrian streamlines the attack surface management process, enabling security operations to maintain a secure cyber environment. 


Vulnerability Exposure

Managing IT assets, each with unique vulnerabilities, is challenging for security teams. A neglected asset can expose the entire network to cyber threats, as seen in high-profile data breaches.

Real-Time Monitoring

In an era of rapid technological change, real-time monitoring of the attack surface is crucial but challenging. Intermittent scans leave businesses vulnerable to emerging threats.

Effective Prioritization

Not all threats pose the same risk. Prioritizing high-risk vulnerabilities is essential for immediate remediation, but determining risk levels is a time-consuming process.


Focus on Exploitable Risks

Hadrian eliminates false positives that are common in traditional scanners. It only shows risks that have been verified as exploitable.

The Hadrian platform utilizes automated penetration testing capabilities and threat intelligence to identify which vulnerabilities are actually exploitable. This built-in prioritization ensures high-impact vulnerabilities are remediated first. 

1. Verified risks
2. Risks detail

AI-Powered Automation

Hadrian leverages event-based AI to automate the penetration testing process. Testing is automatically triggered whenever the event-based probes detect changes to the attack surface.

This automated approach mimics a hacker's process, providing continuous and cost-effective testing.

Understand Impact of Every Risk

By integrating vulnerability data, threat intelligence, and data science, our solution offers a clear, prioritized view of risks. You can better understand the potential business impact of each vulnerability.

This allows your security team to focus on the most critical vulnerabilities, whilst making remediation efforts more effective and efficient.

3. Attack surface - Risks

We empower security teams

Hadrian is the industry’s most advanced end-to-end offensive security platform.

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Remove unknowns and find every asset that hackers could target. Continuously monitor for new assets and configuration changes of existing ones that could put the organization at risk with Hadrian’s External Attack Surface Management (EASM) features.

Prioritize better

Focus on the risks most likely to be exploited by hackers and have the greatest business impact. Prevent exposed risks from being exploited using Hadrian’s Continuous Autonomous Red Teaming (CART) capabilities.

Remediate faster

Streamline security workflows with an end-to-end external risk management solution. Reduce risk by replacing cumbersome point solutions with Hadrian’s Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform.

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We only need your domain for our system to get started autonomously scanning your attack surface.

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