Empowering DevSecOps for Proactive Security

Hadrian empowers DevSecOps teams with a trusted platform to gain comprehensive asset visibility, and prioritize remediation based on risk levels.


Limited Security Oversight

DevSecOps teams struggle with limited visibility into their attack surface, limiting cyber defense and response readiness, leaving the organization exposed to threats.

Reactive Security Approach

Without accurate insight into potential threats, DevSecOps often adopt a reactive security strategy, leading to delayed threat detection and response, jeopardizing business continuity and customer trust.

Inefficient Vulnerability Management

DevSecOps teams must manually research and validate vulnerabilities, leading to delayed patching and increased exposure to cyber risks.


Comprehensive Attack Surface Visibility

Hadrian's enables DevSecOps with a real-time view of internet-facing assets, including cloud-based services. The entire internet is scanned to comprehensively map your attack surface providing you with real-time insights.

Hadrian's platform continuously scans for new assets and modified configurations to existing ones, notifying DevSecOps teams of any changes.

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Proactive Cyber Defense and Readiness

Hadrian's platform empowers DevSecOps teams to proactively assess risks, prioritize defense strategies, and achieve optimal protection against evolving cyber threats.

Hadrian's platform equips teams with comprehensive asset visibility and prioritized risk-based remediation. The insights enable organizations to swiftly detect and respond to security issues, effectively bolstering their cyber defense posture.

Automated Scanning Enables Fast Development

Hadrian's continuous scanning enables DevSecOps teams to operate at speed. Hadrian seamlessly integrates into agile workflows, detecting vulnerabilities that may have been missed in QA.

Hadrian's automated risk detection identifies production code, enabling teams to harden applications in the external attack surface and prevent data breaches.

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