Securing the Retail Sector with Offensive Security

In the fast-paced world of retail, the threat landscape is expansive, intricate and always in flux. From online shopping platforms to in-store transaction systems and supply chain networks, retail leaders face a multitude of potential vulnerabilities ripe for cyber institutions.


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The State of Retail Security


Retail security teams are concerned with the size of their digital attack surface


Applications in the retail industry have security vulnerabilities


Ransomware attacks in retail exploit external-facing vulnerabilities

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Challenges Remediating Threats

Even when the risks are known many security teams manage to remediate the risks that matter most.

30% of retail businesses say maintaining security upgrades is their biggest challenge

Cloud assets pose the greatest challenge to retail security teams

Alert fatigue impacts over 60% of retail security teams

Blindspots Threaten Security

A large proportion of attacks encountered by the retail sector is due to the unique makeup of their attack surface.

1/6 retail companies experienced website downtime over the past two years due to attacks

40% of retail security teams believe the attack surface is spiraling out of control

51% of retail firms struggle with assessing risk exposure


Quickly and Easily Remediate the Risks that Matter Most

Continuous Asset Discovery

Gain real-time visibility of configuration changes and new assets in your external attack surface.

Automated Penetration Testing

Comprehensive discovery of exploitable known and zero-day vulnerabilities without configuration.

Threat Exposure Remediation

Resolve critical risks faster and with less effort and cost with ultra efficient remediation workflows and integrations.

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