Mergers and Acquisitions

Empower M&A Success

Security is paramount to ensure the protection of valuable digital assets during M&A activity. Protect investments by eliminating application security risks with Hadrian.


Security Blind Spots

Integrating technology stacks during M&A can expose undetected security vulnerabilities. For instance, a neglected subdomain belonging to an acquired company can turn into an attack vector.

Due Diligence Lapses

Conducting thorough security due diligence is challenging but essential. A lack of proper auditing of the target company's digital assets may lead to costly security issues post-acquisition.

Post-M&A Security

The post-M&A phase is fraught with risks as companies merge their digital assets. Unsecured applications or systems from the acquired entity that aren't monitored and secured can jeopardize the entire corporate network.


Comprehensive Asset Discovery

Hadrian comprehensively scans digital assets to uncover hidden risks during M&A. The entire internet is scanned to comprehensively map the target company's attack surface. 

Our platform identifies and assesses potential vulnerabilities across the entire digital landscape, from domains to applications, in minutes.

1. Attack surface
2. Asset graph - Connections

ML-based Contextualisation

Hadrian's passive scanning technology performs non-intrusive monitoring of your newly acquired digital assets. This allows for thorough vulnerability detection without disrupting business operations.

Assets are comprehensively fingerprinted to create a complete asset inventory including in-depth configuration and connections information. Assets can be easily managed using a wide range of filter and search options. 

Fast Low Touch Deployment

Hadrian can be quickly deployed in any scenario with just a Seed Domain. The platform can immediately enrich any security stack with seamless integration into any existing SIEM/SOAR/3rd party tool.

Hadrian's platform continuously scans for new assets and modified configurations to existing ones, notifying your teams of any changes.

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Key Features

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Continuous Scanning

Real-time discovery of sensitive information and credentials in a wide variety of formates and file types.

Real-Time Alerts

Hadrian’s real-time alerts inform you of any detected credential leaks, enabling swift action to prevent potential misuse.

Comprehensive File Discovery

Holistic algorithms identify and catalog all sensitive files, regardless of their format or standard, providing complete visibility.

Regulatory & Compliance

Maintain compliance with data protection regulations with active monitoring for GDPR breaches.

Operational Integrity

Scan and secure your organization without disrupting business operations with Hadrian's non-intrusive security assessment.

Seamless deployment

Agentless and built in the cloud, Hadrian is deployed in minutes and into a technology stack with 100s of prebuilt integrations.

Get started with Hadrian

We only need your domain for our system to get started autonomously scanning your attack surface.

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